воскресенье, 3 сентября 2017 г.

The German Conservative Revolution

A slightly modified version of an archived video by a user named "Christopher T." highlighting various radical rightists involved in the pre-WW2 "German Conservative Revolution" among German intellectuals and their fight against Lberalism, Marxism and National Socialism.

102 Years In The Heart Of Europe: A Portrait Of Ernst Jünger


A Swedish documentary film from 1998, consisting of an interview by the journalist Björn Cederberg with the German writer, philosopher and war veteran Ernst Jünger (1895 - 1998). Jünger talks about his life, his authorship, his interests and ideas. The award-winning actor Mikael Persbrandt reads passages from some of Jünger's works, such as "Storm of Steel", "The Worker", "On the Marble Cliffs" and "The Glass Bees".